Come on guys, let’s show off our manhood!

Abstract: This is not about what you think. It's about that which makes men, men and how it's being cut off. Man, as opposed to woman, is facing his ultimate emasculation, and it seems it may ironically be the kindest cut of all. He may not even notice it happening and, when the blade finally falls, women around the world will smile with satisfaction and say, "there, our work is done". Outside of the actual disseminating of his reproductive material, is there anything a man can do that a woman can't? Think about it - thanks to panicky liberal thinking and the strident, affirmative actions of women's rights campaigners, men are no longer kings of anything anymore. Women swing pickaxes down mines and fly space shuttles; and at the end of a sweaty day they burp, break wind and knock back a couple

Fairer sex? Yeah, sure

Abstract: There is nothing fair about the so-called fairer sex... Now that we're into the final week of Womens' Month, perhaps we can finally say goodbye to that phrase that has everything, and nothing, to do with women: the wholly inaccurate, grossly outdated and altogether condescending epithet: 'the fairer sex'. I can imagine you've gathered by now that I find the phrase 'the fairer sex' more than a little jarring. Every time I hear it being used it has the effect of someone tapping me very firmly on my forehead. It's not hurtful, but it is highly irritating and completely out of place in polite social discourse. Yet, it's somehow still hanging around, resolutely hooked into popular discussion; and it seems to be used, often a little too casually, to somehow encapsulate everything that is 'woman'. It worms its way into sentences such as, "We

The handbag in your brain

Abstract: Sex, the handbag and neuroscience - they're all connected... There are few things more frightening for a man than being caught in the threshold of a full-on, high-end sales fracas, where branded handbags have been slashed in price, and where women have been unleashed to consume. The resulting frenzied whirr of claws, teeth and spittle can cause irreparable harm; and it's all being driven by an animal instinct. I doubt few women fully understand what is behind the madness that erupts at a high-end sale, and especially around handbags; but it's a wonderful examination of the more baser instincts of human behaviour; and lying, grinning and inviting, at it's very centre is our old friend - sex. As a science journalist and scholar of human psychology, I am fascinated at what drives human behaviour, and especially intrigued at the neurological triggers; i.e. events in

When you can bet he’s going to cheat on you

Abstract: Mother nature has provided some clues to your partner's possible infidelity... For women concerned with the fidelity of their partner, history has provided them with little in the way of counsel. They have had to rely largely on religious texts and cultural prerogatives; which, given their historical foundation, have been largely skewed towards the preferences of men. But now women have a new tool in the fight against infidelity. It's called an 'ear bud'. If one were to find a phrase that accurately encapsulates our current technological zeitgeist, it would be 'there's an app for that'. Our modern lifestyle relies so much on connectivity and instant gratification that we are becoming increasingly reliant on the interfaces on our phones and computers that give us direct access to fulfilment. If we're looking for the latest news, we simply hit a button. If we want to

Why ‘love’ no longer has any meaning

Abstract: 'Love' no longer has any meaning, and women are, to a degree, to blame... According to popular culture, you should have been reading this two weeks ago; but if you had, it wouldn't have had any value. In fact, it would have been like what any wife thinks of her husband's opinion in an argument: without foundation. Poets, writers, and singers have, for thousands of years, made an impact expressing the emotions, trials and fortunes of love. However, I think it's fair to argue, the main focus has always been on what we could call 'young love' - the raw, deeply electrified passion that sparks between two people exploring each other for the first time. This period peaks when one or the other uses the previously unspoken four- letter 'L' word: 'love'. This word is then used to identify the nature of the relationship