Why blacks shouldn’t be priests

Abstract: If saying blacks shouldn't be priests is racist, why is saying women shouldn't be priests, not misogynist?... I have a confession to make: I've misled you. Well, only to a certain degree. You see this is not really about why blacks shouldn't be priests because, obviously, I cannot think of a single reason why they shouldn't be. But your reaction to the title of this piece is central to its theme and potential impact. And if you were drawn to the title because of some expected discourse on the matter of priests, you won't be disappointed. I'll get to them later. But let me first remain with the theme of the title, and let me ask you this: can you think of any reason why blacks shouldn't be allowed to be priests? What about bishops, or rabbis, or mullahs? Of course not; the

Hello, you’re a lab rat!

Abstract: The world's biggest scientific experiment has you running in a maze... It's easy to look at your life, see the trappings of modern day living and think you're a significant player in the world around you. Little do you realise that you're playing just a minute role in a very, very large scientific experiment. Hello. You're a lab rat. If I were to ask you what you thought was the biggest, most sophisticated science experiment in the world, you'd probably take a stab at that 'God Particle collider thing somewhere in Europe' or maybe 'that telescope they want to build in the Karoo'. Wrong. They pale into utter insignificance compared to a giant experiment happening closer to home. In fact, it's in your home. It's you. Puzzled? That's part of the experiment. Just go with the flow. I'll take a stab at explaining it. An