Hello, you’re a lab rat!

Abstract: The world's biggest scientific experiment has you running in a maze... It's easy to look at your life, see the trappings of modern day living and think you're a significant player in the world around you. Little do you realise that you're playing just a minute role in a very, very large scientific experiment. Hello. You're a lab rat. If I were to ask you what you thought was the biggest, most sophisticated science experiment in the world, you'd probably take a stab at that 'God Particle collider thing somewhere in Europe' or maybe 'that telescope they want to build in the Karoo'. Wrong. They pale into utter insignificance compared to a giant experiment happening closer to home. In fact, it's in your home. It's you. Puzzled? That's part of the experiment. Just go with the flow. I'll take a stab at explaining it. An

When you can bet he’s going to cheat on you

Abstract: Mother nature has provided some clues to your partner's possible infidelity... For women concerned with the fidelity of their partner, history has provided them with little in the way of counsel. They have had to rely largely on religious texts and cultural prerogatives; which, given their historical foundation, have been largely skewed towards the preferences of men. But now women have a new tool in the fight against infidelity. It's called an 'ear bud'. If one were to find a phrase that accurately encapsulates our current technological zeitgeist, it would be 'there's an app for that'. Our modern lifestyle relies so much on connectivity and instant gratification that we are becoming increasingly reliant on the interfaces on our phones and computers that give us direct access to fulfilment. If we're looking for the latest news, we simply hit a button. If we want to