As you’d expect, with over 25 years’ experience in commercial breakfast radio, Daryl is highly-skilled in connecting with an audience. He draws on those skills, as well as his experience in media across all platforms as a journalist, writer, author and editor, in presenting a series of talks on the interface of science, strategy, the media, and human behaviour. His current talks include the following:

  1. ‘You: The Media’. In this talk, aimed at anyone with a smartphone, Daryl starts by tracing the dramatic changes in the media that have resulted in the complete disruption of the sector to the point that traditional media consumers have now – through social media – become the dominant producers of media content. But with such power comes responsibility; so Daryl then uncovers the largely unknown ethical pitfalls of media content generation, and explains how producers of social media content can do so ethically and responsibly. This is a fascinating, illuminating, and entertaining talk, with numerous case-studies and practical takeaway points.
  2. ‘Who’s writing your narrative?’. In this talk, aimed at those in organisations who are responsible for strategy development, marketing, or communication, Daryl explains the concept of ‘narrative development’, its critical importance, especially in an era of fake news and social media, and how it should be aligned to an organisation’s scenario strategy to help realise that organisation’s best-case scenario, and mitigate the effects of a possible worst-case scenario.

For availability and costs, contact Daryl directly.