Daryl offers a portfolio of team, and individual, training on the following:

  1. Connecting with the media. This is aimed at scientists who want to learn how to effectively connect with the media. Various team workshops are available from 90 minute presentations through to two-day training, and include the following:
    •  An introduction to science communication
    • Understanding the mainstream media and the disrupted media landscape
    • Creative writing – your story in the written world
    • Establishing a responsible social media presence
    • Science on radio and TV
  2. On-air talent development. Unlike general upskilling for radio presenters, this is aimed at established on-air radio practitioners with the main aim being the provision of focused skill development. This is through the combination of psychometric evaluation and one-on-one, or show-team, mentoring, and is especially relevant where sensitive intervention is needed.
  3. Facing the media. This is aimed at business leaders for whom there is the expectation to be accessible and prepared to interact with mainstream media in an increasingly disrupted media environment. This demands clarity, consistency, honesty, and most of all, passion and the ability to craft compelling and memorable messaging. Training is confidential, and done on a one-on-one basis. Training is also offered on structuring and presenting powerful talks.

For availability and costs, contact Daryl directly.