Daryl Ilbury is a highly experienced and authoritative thought leader on communicating science across print, digital and broadcast platforms. He is a former multi award-winning broadcaster and columnist, now a senior science writer, editor, and best-selling author. He holds a degree in clinical psychology and a master’s degree in science journalism from City, University of London.

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“…His knowledge of radio, the vastness of his experience and his willingness to take radio into the digital age stand him in good stead to lead stations to greatness. His role either as a consultant, advisor or mentor will add great value to any company that seeks to win the war in ratings and revenue…”

Naveen Singh, Head of Programming, Smile 90.4 FM

“…Daryl has the best work ethic of any radio talent that I know. His passion for the medium is unquestionable and as a former teacher, it is evident that he willingly shares over two decades of experience in the medium freely with his fellow professionals…”

“…many have benefitted from his selfless attitude and learned a great deal from Daryl…I would recommend him unreservedly for any role in radio from on-air talent, to programme management to talent coach.”

Omar Essack, Former CEO, Primedia Broadcasting

“…one of my best writers…”

Marika Sboros, Former editor, Business Day Health News; Editor, Publisher, Foodmed.net

“…without a doubt one of this country’s most successful and respected broadcasters. This is evident by his enviable career and the impact he has made on the radio industry…he is also, more importantly, a natural leader…and has an uncanny knack of quickly assessing a situation or concern affecting the station and then offering viable and exciting opportunities…”

Gavin Meiring, Former Programme Manager, Jacaranda 94.2

“Daryl’s writing has the fine quality of being sagacious, witty and thought-provoking. If his forked tongue-in-cheek were a whip, it would make one mean crack!’

Robbie Stammers, Publisher, Forbes SA; former editor Leadership magazine, Insights Publishing

“…he displayed a particular knack of choosing topics that are pertinent to society and using his writing skills to convey his point with measured maturity and logic. He is extremely well-versed in world and current affairs, a strength which enhanced his writing, gaining him the respect of many readers, including those who didn’t necessarily agree with his viewpoint…”

Yasantha Naidoo, Editor, Sunday Times Extra, Times Media Group

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Taming the oil price

For the foreseeable future, the world will need oil, but its price volatility makes buying and selling it a challenge for producers and the myriad manufacturers who need it. For brokers who sit in the middle of such transactions, finding the optimal price and the number of clients to spread their risk is one of…

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Genome Architecture Theory shakes up cancer research

It’s an inconvenient truth that after 50 years of concerted research and untold billions of dollars in funding every year, a cure for cancer remains elusive. Perhaps the problem sits with the conventional view of cancer. Henry H. Heng, a professor of molecular medicine at the Wayne State School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan, suggests…

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When children’s storytelling says so much more

We take for granted that our children tell stories. But what if they can’t? Oral storytelling is a bridge to literacy, yet many children do not develop this skill naturally. Research has shown that narrative skill at school entry predicts writing and reading comprehension up to ten years later. Narrative intervention is a form of…

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Understanding teaching excellence in STEM subjects

STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering, maths – are undeniably important if we are to meet the needs of our increasingly globalised world. So knowing what encourages uptake of these subjects to the highest level is of the utmost importance. Good teaching might be an obvious answer, however we don’t fully understand what constitutes ‘teaching…

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A simple solution where lives are at stake

A hospital’s emergency department triage unit is a high-pressured work environment where situations are often fluid and poor communication can have serious, tragic consequences. But hospitals, like any other extensive work system, demand compliance procedures that can be time-consuming and constraining for triage staff. So how can hospitals balance compliance with the realities of novel…

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